NPPL Training Rates

Full training rates towards the U.K. NPPL Microlight Rating can be found below. We offer ‘Pay-as-you-Go’ rates as well as full ‘All Inclusive/Discounted’ packages. All flight training services are provided in accordance with our terms & conditions.

School aircraft training rates
Weightshift/Flexwing(Quantum 912) per hour
£   135.00
Weightshift/Flexwing(Quantum 912) – Buy 10 + Get 1 hour free
 £ 1350.00
3-Axis/Fixed Wing(Thruster TST Tailwheel) per hour
£   145.00
3-Axis/Fixed Wing(AX2000 tricycle/X-Air tricycle) per hour
£   135.00
3-Axis/Fixed Wing(AX2000 tricycle/X-Air tricycle) – Buy 10 + Get 1 hour free
£ 1350.00
Discounted Flying Package(Weightshift/Flexwing) *
 £ 3450.00
Discounted Flying Package(3-Axis/Fixed Wing in AX2000 & X-Air only) *
 £ 3450.00
5 hour Tailwheel differences training discounted course in Thruster TST **
 £  695.00
Ground school – per hour
£    35.00
Examinations – per exam sitting
 £    35.00
Training in own aircraft per hour
 £   105.00

* Discounted Flying Package includes all minima towards obtaining your license namely 25 hours flight training in school aircraft, 10 hours ground school and 5 exams. Also included is Microlight Pilots Handbook, 1 years club membership and 11 hours solo insurance cover. Extra flight training hours above the 25 hour minima may be required and are chargeable at £135.00 per hour on an engine start to engine stop basis. License appplication fee and C.A.A. Examiner GST charge are not included. This package can be used as a 3-week intensive flying course (6 weeks advanced booking required for an Intensive Flying Course).

** Discounted tailwheel differences training course includes 5 hours practicle flight training in Thruster TST, ground school and pre-flight briefings, club membership and all landing fees. Extra hours required are charged at £145.00 per hour. This discounted tailwheel differences training course can be conducted as per the students own agreed schedule or as a 2-4 day intensive course.

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